Streufdorf situated in the south of Thuringia, directly on the border with Bavaria. It is nestled deep within the southern foothills of the Thuringian Forest, below Straufhain Hill on which the ruins of Strauf Castle lie. The Local Authority public records office hold documents which mention the existence of the town of Streufdorf, the location of our company, dating from the year 800.

The extensive wooded area of the Thuringian Forest and the Rennsteig, and the health spas in the immediate vicinity – Bad Colberg in Thuringia, and Bad Rodach in Barvaria – offer a multitude of leisure and relaxation opportunities. Coburg, the ancient seat of the Duke, can be reached in twenty minutes by car, and has many cultural sites, events and good shops to offer the visitor. The newly opened motorway link to the north, and the soon to be opened link to the south, will enable you to reach these major town centres quickly from Streufdorf.